Engineering Design

Cajun Fiber Xtreme
Smooth Taper Transition

Smooth Taper Transition™ is the result of our multi-layered approach to rod tube design utilizing CFX™ carbon fibers.  When combined with our SCML™ and RLCF™ technology, every Cajun Rods® is specifically engineered for a specific power-to-weight ratio with crisp, precise actions from rod tip to rod end.  Rolled from scratch, engineered to the hilt, and designed to perform … “We build your confidence.”

Smooth Core Micro Lattice

Smooth Core Micro Lattice™ is the intricate overlay of CFX™ carbon fibers to create a seamless mesh in every USA-engineered Cajun Rods® rod tube.  When our micro-latticed CFX™ materials are combined with a layered approach to rod blank design, the end result is that our anglers enjoy exceptional rod control, even rod loading,  minimal rod twist, reduced rod weight, and increased rod sensitivity in their Cajun Rods®.

Reinforced Linear Carbon Fiber

Reinforced Linear Carbon Fiber™ is not just the precision alignment of our CFX™ material along the longitudinal axis of every Cajun Rods®, but most importantly consists of the pressures utilized to overlap and individually bind the carbon fiber strands in our rods.  Ultimately, the linear integrity this process provides further reinforces each CFX™ rod blank to support extreme end-to-end loading and optimal parabolic form of each Cajun Rods®.